About Us


I offer group matwork and one to one classes in York, Malton and the surrounding areas. I began Pilates in 2003 when my physiotherapist advised me that Pilates would be the best long term cure for the back and hip pain I was experiencing from years of horse riding and associated falls from horses, plus the wear and tear from having four children. Several years later following the success I experienced from attending regular Pilates sessions myself, I decided to train as a Pilates instructor. I am now Body Control Pilates Certified and a registered Level 3 Pilates Teacher with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) plus I have relevant First Aid Training.

Body control Pilates is a safe, effective form of exercise using a series of controlled movements to rebalance the body, improve flexibility, strength and tone muscle. I am dedicated to helping my clients with similar issues to myself to achieve a pain free life. Also to those clients who have no specific requirement other than to improve their posture, physical vitality fitness and overall body shape.

My classes are designed for all ages and abilities and are limited to a maximum of twelve participants. This means that my clients will always receive a high level of personal attention , so that I can adapt exercises as needed to ensure that they work safely and effectively, yet still make my classes challenging so that all clients progress.

I am passionate about Pilates and I love to see the positive effects it has on all of my clients. Whatever your reasons for taking up Pilates, I am sure that I can help. If you have any questions please don"t hesitate to get in touch – you can find my contact details on this website.